Last Night at Servizi Generali

I have a fantasy about the Italian-style bar/cafe I will one day own. It's called Servizi Generali and this is the music that we played last night when you were there with your friends and we all had a great time.

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Half Marathon

I've run a few half marathons and, in my experience, the only way to get through them is to utilize a playlist where you never know what's coming. You need good but random music to keep your mind off the ridiculous task at hand.

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Tripping Out

It's 2020 and you're locked down in your apartment. Today, it's a sunny day and you've decided to try to recover a sense of normalcy by having a happy hour on your front stoop. This is the playlist you enjoy with your neighbors across the street.

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Good Music for Sexy People

Look, don't worry about the fact that you're thirsty for a margarita right now. That's totally normal. The problem is: What are you going to listen to while you fire up the blender?
Problem solved.

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Cycling Routes

Some weekly workouts, some annual favorites, and some once-in-a-lifetime rides. These routes represent some of the best days I've had on a bike. Allez!


Passo del Cippollaio

Country: Italy
Start: Lucca
Distance: 87 mi / 140 km
Elevation: 6,200 ft / 1,890 m

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 Monte Serra

Country: Italy
Start: Lucca
Distance: 51 mi / 82 km
Elevation: 4,650 ft / 1,410 m

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Passo Sella + Bagni di Lucca

Country: Italy
Start: Lucca
Distance: 57 mi / 92 km
Elevation: 4,330 ft / 1,320 m

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Strade Bianchi

Country: Italy
Start: Radda in Chianti
Distance: 42 mi / 69 km
Elevation: 4,970 ft / 1,514 m

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La Bérarde

Country: France
Start: Bourg d'Arud
Distance: 24 mi / 38 km
Elevation: 3,196 ft / 974 m

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Villard Notre Dame

Country: France
Start: Bourg d'Arud
Distance: 36 mi / 58 km
Elevation: 4,660 ft / 1,420 m

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Alpe d'Huez & More

Country: France
Start: Bourg d'Arud
Distance: 48 mi / 77 km
Elevation: 7,300 ft / 2,225 m

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Sa Calobra

Country: Spain
Start: Port de Pollença
Distance: 69 mi / 111 km
Elevation: 7,347 ft / 2,240 m

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Modified Enchanted Circle

Country: USA
Start: Taos, NM
Distance: 114 mi / 184 km
Elevation: 7,926 ft / 2,415 m

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Glendora Mountain Road

Country: USA
Start: Glendora, CA
Distance: 47 mi / 76 km
Elevation: 6,313 ft / 1,924 m

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San Bruno Mountain

Country: USA
Start: San Francisco, CA
Distance: 15 mi / 24 km
Elevation: 1,620 ft / 494 m

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Stinson Beach

Country: USA
Start: San Francisco, CA
Distance: 56 mi / 90 km
Elevation: 4,797 ft / 1,462 m

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Why not freshen up that daily routine by adding to your computer a photo that you didn't take? 

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The Best Negroni in the World


Ok, so believe me when I say I’ve put in the work. The 10,000 hours. And I can present to you now the recipe for creating the best negroni you've ever had in your life.

As you know, there are only three ingredients and you pour them in equal measures (1-1-1). So it's the ingredients that make all the difference. You can use them in a million other drinks, too, so they're handy to have around.

Fancy (expensive) vermouth doesn't make a better negroni. Garbage, corner-store vermouth isn’t good either but the expensive stuff is always too syrupy, too sweet. It loses the original negroni plot—the refreshing, uncomplicated, happy hour in TorinoSlim Aarons on vacation vibe. So, seriously, if you can, use Dolin sweet vermouth. Yes, it's French, not Italian, but it's cheap and it mixes BEST with everything else. Trust me. Add to that a decent but not expensive London dry gin (also important) and Campari and you're in business.


The Recipe:

1 part Dolin sweet vermouth (45ml/1.5oz)
Probably around £13 for a bottle. Like I said, I've tried them all and this one mixes best.

1 part Campari (45ml/1.5oz)
There really is no substitute here. Nothing else lives up to the original.

1 part London dry gin (45ml/1.5oz)
Like the vermouth, this shouldn't be fussy, crafty, flavored, or juniper-y. Get the best London dry gin you can buy for £20-£26. I go with City of London Dry Gin.

Pour in a glass over LOTS of ice cubes and stir longer than you think you need to - get it very cold. At least 20 seconds.

Add an orange peel if you're feeling fancy. 

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