“We don't have a budget for this but...”

Role: Creative Director
Client: Inolitix

Here's one that happens all the time. You have a friend who has left the comfortable agency world where you met to jump into the exciting world of startups so that he or she can drink up that entrepreneurial vibe and, hopefully, make a couple million bucks. You know that's happened because the first call they make, when they realize they no longer have access to the creative expertise they were surrounded by at the agency job, is to you. Embarrasing flattery ensues which you know is leading up to some version of this conversation we've all had: 

"Ok, I don't have a budget for this but I respect your work and I know that anything you do will be brilliant. Can you recreate my company's identity before Christmas?"

Ok, not what I would normally do but I decided to view this project as a lightning round, creative exercise: How quickly could I get up to speed on this company, what they do, and how they ended up with the indentity they have? Then, understanding all of that, I would spend a day, trusting my instincts and investing only my time, developing some new directions for their identity. That's it. No second rounds, no client feedback. Just here's what you started with and here's where you go. Lean. You know, like a startup.

 / Let's do this /

The existing logo was pretty amateurish and trying to incorporate a bunch of ideas that weren't coming through. As this is an analytics and fraud detection technology they like the concept of "eyes." In their current logo, however, it was looking like a pig's nose. Not awesome. Plus, it just felt poorly conceived, loose, and impractical for use across digital assets. 

Long story short: One full day of work, 4 initial ideas, and the final product (swipe to see before/after)

inolitix.before inolitix.after_

And just like that, I rebranded a startup. I hope they make a million bucks.

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