Remote since before it was uncool.

Role: Creative Director, Writer
Client: Altair

Here's a project that we (at Monday + Partners) recently completed for our friends at Altair. Beyond being a nice piece, to us, it's a perfect example of healthy ways to approach work.

First off, this work was done in collaboration with clients that we've known for years. We've worked with them at different companies and across a wide range of projects. They've always appreciated our collaborative, tough-love mixed with elbow-grease approach and we've always done our best to live up the trust they place in us. To us, it shows that when the relationship is honest, it moves beyond "account management" to something closer to friendly collaboration. It means we can move at a pace that allows for good work to get done. And we can enjoy it.

Monday + Partners has always been a remote/distributed concept. We like to work with good people wherever they are and we like to trust each other rather than look over shoulders. So, to us, the idea of remote work always seemed to be a really smart way of being efficient while working at a high standard. Sure, it requires a lot of schedule discipline and a high-degree of trust but once we got used to it, any other way of working seems out-of-date.

In this case, specifically, we were all working remote because of our ridiculous times. But, I think, due to our familiarity with working remotely, this project moved along really nicely and we all just focused on getting it done. This piece combined the work of people in 4 countries, 6 cities, and 5 timezones. Thanks to Altair for trusting us once again.

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