This is not a mask. This is creative development on an aggressive schedule.

Role: Creative Director, Writer
Client: Salesforce

I sorta love projects like this. Those projects that feel like they come out of nowhere. It's always interesting to think that somewhere out there, people are talking about a project that they need help with and they're thinking of giving you a call because they think you can help them meet some crazy deadline. It's nuts but it's also very flattering.

That was the case here. Salesforce wanted to make a video that would (1) tell the story about how they mobilized their people to deliver PPE to front line workers all over the country and (2) could get businesses motivated to focus their resources on the Covid PPE problem. They had a great story to tell that they hoped would demonstrate that with a little conviction, businesses can have a big role to play in helping us all get through our ridiculous times.

So, Salesforce called a production company I know to see if it would be possible to make a video that tells their story. But what they REALLY wanted to know is if they could make this video in 3 WEEKS. And that's where I'm flattered to have been included with this project. This production company knew that they'd have to move quickly to get something written, approved, budgeted, cast, shot, edited, and delivered. They knew they'd need to work with someone who could "get it" quickly and start delivering right away. It's projects like this that force you to trust your instinct. Which is good, because your instinct is usually right.

Check it out. And wear a mask.

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