Portraying the Supply Chain

Role: Creative Director
Client: [undisclosed]

I worked on an enterprise-level supply chain software brand for a few years. We did all kinds of stuff for them: advertising, direct-marketing, digital, etc. One day I was having a discussion with the client, who I liked very much and whom, I felt, had a refreshingly honest take on who she knew her customers to be. To her, they weren't the overly-shiny, glitzy, too-perfect business people in the ads that run during golf tournaments. She knew her customers to be hard-working, gritty, efficient, dirt-under-the-fingernails types. And, in our conversation, she expressed that she wanted to explore speaking to them a lot more honestly. I loved that idea. I mean, imagine where the "supply chain" actually happens: old warehouses, between cinder block walls, on furniture that's worn in and tested, on floors where the paint is chipping off. It's real work and the opportunity to portray it was very cool. Here's some of the photography that came from that assignment.


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