Weird is our business.

Role: Creative Director, Writer
Client: Monday and Partners


After a very dispiriting 2020 (and now into 2021) I'm feeling tired of being defensive. With being conservative. With us all getting our asses kicked and feeling like there's nothing we can do about it. 

It got me thinking about how we'll move forward. If everything has changed, and it feels like it has, then doing things the way we had been doing them, or the old safe way, doesn't seem smart. Besides, if we, as humanity, have one unassailable asset it's our capacity for getting weird.

So, I think that the way forward is to get weird. To look at everything very, very differently. To try new things just because. There's a place for conservative and same. But there's a bigger, more colorful place for weird and different. I think trying weird things is going to be what pulls us through these uncertain times and, in the cases where it doesn't bring resounding success, at least it'll feel good. 

I don't do what I do because it's safe, well-trodden or proven. I do what I do because each challenge is an opportunity to learn something new.

I wrote and produced this poster as a rallying cry for the people who will hear its call and nod and feel motivated. I hope you're one of them. 

Dear Uncertain Times,

You think you’re weird?
You’re not weird.
Scary? Sure.
Annoying? Definitely.
But weird? Uh, no.
You see, weird can be interesting.
Weird is fearless.
Weird is creativity times a thousand.
Weird is healthy and 100% natural.
Weird does its thing wherever it needs to.
Weird ideas solve the toughest problems
Because nobody ever sees weird coming.
Weird works when nobody thought it would.
Weird is tingly. Weird is fun.
And in case you haven’t been paying attention,
We, humanity, we run the weird business around here.
And you’re on our turf.

Let’s get weird.

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