Advertising campaign to promote an historic first:
Thursday Night Football streaming free online.

TNF on Twitter

Agency: Twitter Studio
Role: Creative Director

Football on Twitter?!? What does it even mean? Well you read it right, friend. Twitter streamed Thursday Night Football games LIVE across their entire platform. That means free NFL football on laptops, phones, tablets and even set top boxes (meaning instead of watching TNF on your TV you could watch it on your TV with the accompanying TWEETS!). I was the Creative Director for this campaign to hip America to #TNF on Twitter.

Launch Spot

Here's what it's all about, folks. Football is on Twitter along with the instant fan reaction, trash talk and live feedback. This is the future.

Matchup :15's

There's a Thursday Night Football game happening like every friggin' week. Let's make sure people know that. 

Digital Ads

Was there any digital advertising?
You bet your ass there was.